A New species

1 preserving jar with label: interior height 10,8
cm, interior diameter ø 6,2cm
1 introductory text
500 copies journal article: 17,1 x 25,4cm

download complete article here

, which I already made.
Maybe one more sentence about what I am currently boilingly interested in: the moment of the
arbitrary – on the one hand in relation to the naming of plants, but also of my own proceeding.
First I was flirting with the idea that I would name the plant „… arbitrarii“, but somehow I
find it cool, that my own name is so concrete and that I could explain to my dad what I am
intending in just one sentence. As you maybe know, many a time it happens in biology, that
genera or species are dedicated to persons, who somehow “deserve” it. By trying to apply this
reasoning to myself, I ask: what did I achieve? Nothing. But my persistence makes me actually
free in acting.

I hug you and I kiss you

A New species

installation by Rudi Fink
vienna, 17. - 22. june 2010, 12-6 pm
opening 16. June, 7 pm

university of applied arts vienna
department of transmedia art

Special thanks to Susanne Lummerding, David Prehsler, Tue Søvsø und Doreen Uhlig