12 medium format photographies รก 60 x 60 cm

Cruising for sex is roaming around, straying into, drifting off while searching for fast and anonymous sexual adventures driven by one force: lust. Cruising creates a space on top of an existing one, a temporary performative environment. As micro-systems they are generated in public parks, shopping-malls, museums, beaches, toilets, parking lots by conquering and reinterpreting the given functions. The operators/subjects of this system produce an informal network by using gazes, gestures and brief touches.

Cruising as a practice stands out with its uncertainty, its dependency on the situation / participants and therefore asks strong questions towards the possibility and necessity of a documentation in an artistic context. My interest lies in finding research-methods that meet the specific circumstances under which cruising takes place, which could consequently lead to new perspectives on that practice that is probably more than a marginal phenomenon.