rundumensis (de)

ascendens (en)

perezcalixi (en)

papillato-stellulato (de)

perezcalixi (es)

littlewoodii (es)

entender sistemas /
understanding systems

wardian cases 20 x 28,4 x 1,2cm
larch wood, glass, paper

The series understanding systems consists of six newly described plant names of the latest Repertorium Plantarum Succulentarum # 61. It is an experiment for which I used these new names as material to describe them morpho-
logically like botanists describe new plants: I name everything, which is distinct and I establish (artificial) categories. I made the work for my presentation at the 32.
congress of the International Organization of Succulent Plant Studies in Havanna 2012.

Special thanks to Andrés Axthammer, Anton Blume, Armin Keller and Mr. Fink!