Johnny talks Johnny

1 projector (A) 80 slides
1 projector (B) 101 slides
1 CD-Player / 1 CD /
1 dictaphone / 1 micro cassette

The artistic work Johnny talks Johnny designates very different relations between subjects, values, and
inherent hierarchies. The basis of these designations is an incomplete archive of lyrics from roughly 400
songs from the last 70 years in which Johnny
is a subject.

According to the type of relation to Johnny the quotation is allocated to an information-source/medium.
The four information-sources differ in the position of the speaker in the quotation itself:
1) sound: Johnny talks himself: I am just a Johnny! 2) projector A: Johnny is directly addressed:
You are so rough! 3) Projector B: Someone talks about Johnny: He wears a pinstriped suit.
4) dictaphone with recording function: describes the relation of a subject to Johnny:
I love you so much!