investigations of places in form of situations
SERIES, collaboration of Nike Arnold & Rudi Fink

protocols 1-16

investigation #1 waiting room of the Local Public Office Berlin-Neukölln


investigation # 2 different locations

1396,68 designations

investigation #3 spring festival of the German embassy Islamabad

211 references

investigation #4 park in Cannt, Lahore

wenn das Rindfleisch zuende ist, folgt Huhn für mehrere Tage

investigation #5 Lahore, Cavalry Ground, street #3, house #5 & Cannt, Shami Road, house #13

168 units x 6 elements =
1008 pieces

Investigation #6 MacArthurpark, Los Angeles (upcoming)

Often Nike and I have only a vague knowledge about the place when we start working with it. We are interested in the moment knowledge, opinions, and imagery emerges, and also in inherent (political) power and regulative factors of places. Therefore, we created an investigation method, which has the function of considering our own assumptions and prejudices while approaching a place with claimed objectivity. The method helps us to frame every investigation as a setting and to define influenceable parameters, for instance the number of relocations, the manner of showing up, the form in which information is generated. The settings are constructed in such a way that the unpredictable can be expressed.

exhibition opening at Ballhaus Nordpark Düsseldorf, January 13th, 2012, Photo: Sajana Joshi

exhibition opening at Ballhaus Nordpark Düsseldorf, January 13th, 2012, Photo: Raju GC

Special thanks to: Anna Anders, Dominic Samsworth, Doreen Uhlig, Hito Steyerl, Karin Nell, Katharina Lack, Klasse Sieverding, Lena Siebertz, Naurin Zaki, Raju G.C., Sajana Joshi, Prof. Salima Hashmi, Samuel Marmer, Sarmad Hussain, Sophie Ernst and Thérèse Nylén.

Funded by the AstA, University of Arts Berlin and the scholarship 'Kurzfristige fachspezifische Kurse im Ausland' of University of Applied Arts Vienna